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Steven Universe Future Ep 10 "Prickly Pair"


  1. Jesus that guy is going ham swearing

  2. Bruh this person was trying to be nice
    And this is incredibly nice
    But you shouldn't be so mean even if the website doesn't work
    This person is really awesome and doesn't deserve such a mean comment
    It's not their fault if your shit isn't working
    It's working on my phone!!!
    It's probably just a WiFi problem or something!!!

  3. I hate people who think if One thing doesn’t go their way it’s everyone else’s fault if you don’t like the website leave this is a beyond kind thing to do and you take it for granted the owner deserves the world for doing this

  4. Hi I am Steven from Earth tho not the same from this series. I just want to say to the author of this website, thank you so much for creating this!! It gave me a place to watch su series!! Thank you mother, take care always!

  5. Thank you for making such a great website!

  6. If I had a cactus that repeated everything I said to him, including my private thoughts, I would be in a LOT of trouble...

  7. There are like 4 types of steven-s now

  8. ty creators of this website


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